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Woman's Kimono Shoes PDF Pattern

The process of making these women's room shoes is fairly simple because like mary janes they have no laces. Although the upper overlapping part is a bit tough to sew through due to its thickness, overall these shoes can be made without too much effort. Quilting cotton is used for both the inner and outer fabrics of the purple shoes, and linen is used for the outer fabric of the beige shoes; in both shoes fusible fleece is used for the interfacing. Intermediate or beginner sewers that have no difficulty sewing curves will be able to make these shoes without problem.


Amber Women's Slippers PDF Pattern with Video Instruction

This product is a pattern only, as such it does not include a written instruction but we support video instruction.


Candice Women's Slippers PDF Pattern (#160)

Candice women's Slippers are as easy as sewing patterns get, so they are highly recommended for novice sewers. They are very useful, suitable for wear during the colder seasons and for those whose homes have non-carpet floors. Candice Slippers are a great item to give as a homemade present, taking only a few hours to make. With just a bit of creativity, many different-looking slippers can be made from this single slipper pattern. In order to give them an extra-special touch, try customizing them with a sewing label. Start making this neat indoor slipper now. Yours'll be finished before you know it!


Olivia Women Shoes PDF Pattern

The Olivia Women's Shoes are women's room shoes of a rather elegant and pretty design. These room shoes are best made with brighter or lighter colored fabrics, as the pleated design will not show as well on darker fabrics. In combination with the curved sole in its design, the pleats in these shoes give the shoes an overall feminine feel, great for pairing with a light summer dress indoors.


Winter Woman's Kimono Shoes PDF Pattern

The Winter Woman's Kimono Shoes is a different version of the Woman Kimono Shoes. It is provided with a longer neck and the purpose of it is to wrap around the ankle for the winter season. Utilizing fur can provide additional warmth! To top it all off, the project is PERFECT for sewers of all levels. If you'd like to use suede, then it is possible to accessorize the shoes by topstitching the shoe with embroidery thread. Start on this excellent Christmas gift today!


Adeline Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

The Adeline Shoes is a simple project that can be worn indoors with style and comfort! Because of its large opening, the shoes have an easy experience putting them on & off. Using non-skid soles can make the shoes safer for indoor wear ? preventing any sort of dangerous accidents. With the simple, stylish, and comfortable design start the Adeline Shoes today!


Daphne Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

Daphne women's Shoes are the adult version of Dakota Baby Booties. Because there is a baby version of these room shoes, this would be a great matching gift set for moms with small children or moms-to-be. For stay-at-home moms, these room shoes provide a clean and comfortable way to complete their day's look and wear 'shoes' indoors. Daphne room shoes are fairly easy to make, and are a useful and practical item for almost anyone. They are especially great when worn during the colder seasons and for those whose homes have non-carpet floors. Treat yourself or a friend with these handmade Daphne women's Shoes.


Kathy Family Moccasins Set PDF Pattern 20% Off!

Kathy Family Moccasins Set PDF Pattern- 20% Off!

Original Price: $23.00

$29.23 $23.39

Adler Women's Combat Boots PDF Pattern

Adler women's Combat Boots are THE boots for style warmth. If yours're using leather or suede, making the lining with patterned fabrics can allow for a wonderful outcome when you fold down the shoes! Making the project with floral designed fabrics can give the shoes a more feminine look too! Start these wonderful pair of shoes today!


Adult 3 Button Boots PDF Pattern

Adult 3 Button Boots PDF Pattern


Samantha Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

Samantha women's Shoes are very easy to make due to their simple design and their pattern is quite suitable for beginners to try. Because they Don't take more than a few hours to make, Samantha women's Shoes are ideal for gift-giving.The selection of fabric will make a big difference on the final look of these shoes; a plaid pattern such as the one Irs've used will give it a slightly tomboy look, whereas a flower print or paisley pattern will give it a more vintage feel . Feel free to get creative with The Samantha as the choice of decoration will also vary the final look: try adding buttons, labels, ribbons, you name it. These room shoes are especially good when worn during the colder seasons, and are perfect for those whose homes have non-carpet floors. Make someone a useful, homemade gift. Make her a pair of Samantha Shoes.


Radella Women Shoes PDF Pattern

A pair of moccasins for the indoor purpose! Embroidery thread is used at the end to give the shoes a good feel as a moccasin. Changing the upper top's colour is another unique way of making the shoes ndash; matching two good fabrics will turn the shoes into something very fashionable. Speaking of colours, using opposite colours for the embroidery thread will give it another unique look and feel. The embroidery however has a downside to the pattern ndash; it is quite difficult for beginners. In fact it is recommended that intermediate sewers take a tackle at the patterns.


Mason Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

The Mason women's Shoes are the best for style and comfort! With the version from women, men, and babies it can be worn by the whole family! Because of the wide opening the shoes can be worn on and off easily. Attaching non-skid soles can make your shoes much safer for indoors. Start the comfortable fitted and stylish shoes today!


Cassie Women's Mary Janes Pattern

Cassie women's Mary Janes are women's room shoes in the style of the classic Mary Jane shoes. Its simple design with a button decoration and centered strap realistically mimic the look of real, traditional patent-leather Mary Janes. For those of you who like to stay stylish at home, these room shoes are the perfect footwear: they allow you to wear shoes that complement your outfit while keeping your house clean and allowing you to maintain your comfort throughout the day. Cassie women's Mary Janes have a classy feel to them regardless of the choice of fabric and as a result, go well with almost any outfit. For a comfortable way to complete your outfit indoors, make Cassie women's Mary Janes.


Priscilla Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

Priscilla women's Shoes are room shoes of a feminine design. The overall feel of the shoes depends on your choice of fabric and whether or not you choose to add the lace decorations. With a shade-based or earthy selection of fabric and the optional lace decoration, your completed Priscilla Shoes will have a more sophisticated feel to it, whereas using a bright colored fabric with vibrant patterns will produce a cute pair of shoes. These room shoes are especially good when worn during the colder seasons, and are perfect for those whose homes have non-carpet floors.


Abella Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

The Abella Women's Shoes are a unique pair of shoes perfect for sewers of all levels. These shoes look best when made out of suede and soft material such as fleece and fur. When using leather or suede, making the lining with patterned fabrics gives these shoes a beautiful finish. You can give these shoes traction by adding a non-skid sole. Need a simple and stylish pair of shoes? The Abella Women's Shoes are the answer for you!


Sabrina Women's T Strap Shoes

Women's t-strap shoes that are similar to the Janna Women's T-Strap Shoes, but defined by it's slimmer design - the Sabrina Women's T-Strap shoes are the perfect room shoes to make as a gift! With it's two straps instead of the traditional one allows for a secure and safe placement on the feet when wearing the Sabrina Women's T-Strap shoes. As a beginner friendly pattern, try out the Sabrina Women's T-Strap shoes today!


Kathy Women's Moccasins PDF Pattern

With the upper design given more freedom and space, it is possible to utilize a thick form of lining for extra warmth. One recommendation is to use wool on the exterior with fur on the lining for an adorable family set of room shoes as seen in the samples!


Women Boots PDF Pattern

The 21 women's Boots pattern is a unique fleece booties for keeping the feet warm during the winter. Bring the throat down by folding it and keep the ankles warm or pull it up to keep the legs covered during the cold season ndash; the pattern contains both! The multi-purpose pattern can also be used to as stockings during the holiday season to store those special gifts. Decorate the boots to your liking on the back of the longer boots and tassels on the front. Start making these special booties today!


Kaley Women's Sneakers PDF Pattern

The Kaley women's Sneakers are the SHOES for casual wears at home. These adorable pair of shoes can be worn even if they are made too large, the shoelaces help keep them on in a secure fashion! The option of using non-skid soles allow for a safe indoor alternative while keeping the wearer's feet worm! The shoes can be a spectacular gift during the holiday seasons for friends & families. The Kaley women's Sneakers can utilize a unique array of materials such as leather, wool, and non-skid soles. Make these ADORABLE pair of shoes today!


Adler Mom & Baby's Combat Boots PDF Pattern - 20% Off!

Adler Mom & Baby's Combat Boots PDF Pattern - 20% Off!

Original Price: $16.00

$20.34 $16.27

Allyson Flip Flops PDF Pattern

The Allyson Flip Flops are great project that can be made by all level of sewers, from beginners to the experienced expert! Adding a little accessory can help give an extra fancy look to this fantastic piece. A unique pair of room shoes for the coming summer, start these great sets of sandals now!


Mason Family Shoes Set PDF Pattern - 20% Off!

Mason Family Shoes Set PDF Pattern- 20% Off!

Original Price: $19.00

$24.15 $19.32

Tracy Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

Due to the nature of my job, I always seem to be standing around a lot which tends to make my feet tired pretty quickly. As a solution, I decided to design my own room shoes to help me throughout the day and lo-behold the Tracy women's Room Shoes! While making the Delaney Baby Room Shoes, I noticed how comfortable they looked; I just could not pass this up! And after using these shoes for a while, I realize they are really a necessity!


Ainsley Woman's Boots PDF Pattern

The Ainsley Woman's Boots is the perfect fit for the winter season! Velcro's are installed on the strap so you can decrease the amount of time spent putting the shoes on. In addition, the adjustable straps give you more room to change the fitting to your comfort! Using fur for your lining can give extra warmth to the boots. I've also included a large opening which can help you to put on the boots easily without trouble. With all of these points, the Ainsley Woman Boots can be a spectacular gift during the holiday season! Try this comfortable and efficient boots today!


Women's Ballet Shoes PDF Pattern

A simple present for the moms! The women's Ballet Shoes was made in set with the Baby Ballet Shoes and are the perfect mother, daughter combo room shoes! Thanks to the special characteristics of the linen material, these shoes provide great air ventilation allowing the wearer to keep their feet hygienic. With added elastics to the heel of the feet, these shoes have an additional level of comfort. With its undeniable comfort and beautiful design, the ballet shoes are a must have for both the mother & daughter!


Vina Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

The Vina Women's Boots are THE boots for style and warmth. Using fur for your lining can give extra warmth to the boots. These boots are best when made out of suede and soft material such as fleece and fur. If you're using leather or suede, making the lining with patterned fabrics can allow for a wonderful outcome when you fold down the shoes! Even the use of a plain colored fabric and just the lining fabric can result in a stylish new pair of booties for any baby. Start these adorable pair of boots today!


Janna Women's T-Strap Shoes PDF Pattern

Janna Women's T-Strap Shoes PDF Pattern


Aidan Woman Sneakers PDF Pattern

The Aidan Woman's Sneakers is a design for who prefer the longer neck of the Kaley Sneakers. Because of the long neck and the shoelaces, the sneakers do not slip off from the foot ndash; securely staying on at all cases. Also by adding the non-skid sole the shoe can be a safe indoor companion preventing accidents! Due to the simple design, using complex or fancy materials can make the shoes a UNIQUE pair of sneakers.


Allyson Mom & Baby's Flip Flops Combo PDF Pattern

Allyson Mom & Baby's Flip Flops Combo PDF Pattern

Original Price: $12.25
Allyson Flip Flops PDF Pattern
Allyson Baby Flip Flops PDF Pattern


Valerie Women Flip Flops PDF Pattern

Want the perfect gift to keep feet cool during the hot summer? The Valerie Flip Flops are the perfect pair of sandals for this occasion! Adding an accessory to the project can easily make it a gorgeous pair of shoes such as flowers, beads, or anything you can imagine. The meticulous design wraps the feet to hold the heel while walking! Start these fantastic flip flops today!


Grizzly Bear Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

The Grizzly Bear shoes is a spectacular project for beginners! The shoes can be made together for both mother and child to make the perfect set! With it's cozy nature from the cotton fill inside the shoes, the design was made to be comfortable and fit the wearer. What's more, is that the pair of cuties can be excellent for Halloween costumes or for plays! These shoes are THE shoes for you to spend the coziest winter without a cold feet!


Elizabeth Women Shoes PDF Pattern

In order to bring out the elegant nature of the shoes’ design, it is recommended that you use solid colored fabric of deeper and richer tones. Or, if you’d prefer to make your shoes more feminine and pretty, it is then appropriate to use brighter and lighter colors, such as pink and red. The fun thing about The Elizabeth Women’s Shoes is that you can choose whether the bows will face inwards or outwards, according to the assembly of the shoes. These room shoes make an excellent gift set for your friends or relatives: they are not only pretty to look at, but are also practical and are appropriate for wear during all four seasons.


Juliet Women's Room Shoes Pattern

Juliet women's Room Shoes is the women's version of Juliet Baby Mary Janes. It offers two variations of a similar design: one is Mary Janes-style slip-on room shoes with a frilled elastic strap, the other is plain room shoes with a flower corsage on the top. The slip-on version of these shoes are especially comfortable as the elastic strap help keep the shoes on your feet and save you the trouble of buckling and unbuckling the shoes. These pretty room shoes are a great way to complement your outfit indoors, and are an adorable mom and daughter gift set for new moms or moms-to-be.


Deborah Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

When designing baby shoes, I often find myself with the urge to make a version for the moms as well - mainly because I want to try them myself! The Deborah Woman's Shoes is a fine example of this. After trying them on for the first time, I instantly fell in love. The comfort I felt from it was unmatched to any shoe I had ever tried before. To top it off, the beautiful and stylish point toward the nose of the shoes finishes them and leaves them with an oriental vibe. Start your own Deborah Women's shoes tonight!


Arica Women's Mary Jane PDF Pattern ONLY

This product is a pattern only, as such it does not include a written instruction. 306 Rosy Mary Janes PDF Pattern includes a similar instruction that may assist with the pattern making process.