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Alexa Tote Bag PDF Pattern

The Alexa Bag is a modern and versatile bag, perfect as your everyday companion! Due to its convenient proportion and size, this tote can be used for short travels, trips to the market, books, laptops and essentials! This bag is a great project, a great personal addition to your collection and a beautiful gift. The spacious interior can easily carry all your everyday essentials and more! It can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. Make it as a gift or as a general, all-purpose bag for your own, the Alexa Bag is the one-stop solution!


Anita Bag PDF Pattern

The Anita Bag is a large and fashionable shoulder bag that will match extremely well with a semiformal or formal outfit. Its leather handles and peculiar design add to its modern, artistic look, giving the bag's wearer a ld'fabulous city womanrd' kind of feel. Because this bag's design is more stylish and edgy rather than cute, it is recommended that you select an appropriately patterned fabric to bring out the best results


Arabella Backpack PDF Pattern

The Arabella Backpack is a simple and modern piece that has unique zipper design. You can make this bag with leather, suede or cotton and still end up with a great result. A stylish, yet handy bag to add to your collection! Due to its pocket on the front, you can store your small belongings such as earbuds and lipsticks in neat style. A light weighted bag that can be worn all day, this bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Its size allows for excellent storage capacity, leaving room for your basic needs. A casual everyday bag; start the Arabella Backpack today!


Arinda Bag PDF Pattern

The Arinda Bag is an adorable bag with a set of short handles that complement its round and stout design. Each handle is braided from two fabric strips and sewn together to give the bag a unique point, and the large bottom pleats on this bag's pattern allow it to maximize its interior space so the carrier can hold many items at once. This bag can be used for multiple purposes and is ideal for carrying diapers, snacks, books, wallets, and cameras, just to name a few things. It is appropriate for use throughout the whole year and may be suitable for both casual and semi-formal attire, depending on your fabric selection. Give someone that is unique and special to you this equally amazing Arinda Bag.


Catherine Clutch and Bag PDF Pattern

The Catherine Bag and Clutch is a light bag for you to carry and use on a daily basis. The project can be made as a clutch or a bag depending on your preferences! The pattern includes a pocket for your mobile electronics too & other important accessories! In addition, the Catherine Bag and Clutch can be totally made by sewers of all levels. The clutch can be used in purpose as a makeup pouch, sunglass case, and anything else! Start Catherine Clutch Bag tod


Celine Mini Belt Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Celine Mini Belt Bag is petite purse that can be worn across the waist with your favorite belt! Additionally, you can wear this little purse like a cross bag across your body when you don't want to use it as a belt bag. The small structure and belt holder allows you to use this bag as a hands-free bag, when your hands are full you can simply put all you important little things inside this small bag! Moreover, this mini bag can be an adorable new piece to add to your collection of mini bags! Start the Celine Mini Belt Bag now!


Charles Men's Duffle Bag PDF Pattern

The Charles Men's Duffle Bag features a casual and trendy design that is perfect for a casual day out. I designed the pattern with Father's Day in mind to appeal to the dads around the world. The bag includes multiple pockets & a spacious interior to store belongings for either a day out or a trip lasting a few days. I would suggest using darker toned materials for a men's version of the bag, but a colorful alternative for a women's version! Start the Charles Men's Duffle Bag today


Coconut Grove Purse PDF Pattern

Make a splash with a completely unique purse! This listing is for one PDF e-pattern and instructions to create the Coconut Grove Womens' Purse. Instructions are detailed, tutorial-style and contain full-color photos. The purse features a center pleat, flirty knotted tie shoulder strap and pom pom fringe. A magnetic snap closure secures the bag shut. The purse is fully lined and includes two pockets with spaces for two pens. With the exception of mass production, you may sell the finished bags you create from my pattern. Please note the purse pattern is designed by Hold it Right There Bags in the item description. The Coconut Grove pattern and instructions may only be purchased from me. Distribution of pattern and/or instructions is prohibited. If at any time, you have questions while making the bag, please email me, and I will gladly be of assistance. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot make refunds or accept returns.BACKGROUND STORY: The Coconut Grove purse recalls a joyful time with my family. We traveled from our deciduous midwestern domicile to Miami for my brother's wedding at a tropical botanical garden. There, the sun ignited the colors of everything it struck. Leaves gleamed glossy, deep green. Shadows stood cool, and dark beside flamboyant pinks and oranges. It is this riot of color and light that inspires this bag design, as well as the fun I had in Miami. I delighted in visiting my treasured family and reconnecting with old friends. This trip also took my children for their first swims in the ocean. My oldest son brought home a natural sponge he found on the beach. My daughter delighted in a coconut she picked off the sand. I like to think this is a bag to fill with Love and Joy and Wonder.


Conary Doctor Bag PDF Pattern

The original doctor bag is made by using a frame, however we designed it to be held and made more easily by sewers. With its roomy interior, the Conary Doctor Bag has been structured to conveniently store belongings. A handy and fashionable bag suited for any sewer! Start the Conary Doctor Bag today!


Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag PDF Pattern

It's hard to forget this reusable bag in your cars or houses: it’s so cute that you’ll always want to bring it out and use it. The special thing about this reusable bag is that it can be folded into a compact stuffed “book” and put into another bag if needed, or it can be worn as it is- a pretty shoulder bag. You’ve probably noticed that in our century where global warming poses a threat to our immediate future, the use of disposable vinyl and plastic shopping bags are becoming a more and more frowned upon practice. But the problem with bringing your own bag shopping is that it’s so hard to remember to bring it in the first place! With this super-adorable Eco-friendly Shopping Bag, it’ll be hard to forget your reusable bag in your cars or houses again: it’s so cute that you’ll always want to bring it out and use it.


Emily Bag PDF Pattern

The huge size of The Emily Bag follows the style of big modern bags, providing the carrier with a vast amount of space in which to carry a range of items, from small to bulky. This bag will prove useful to students, mothers, and office workers alike, as it is ideal for carrying textbooks, groceries, files, and a wide variety of things. Using a thicker selection of fabrics for this bag will result in a sturdier bag, which will then create a more comfortable option for carrying around heavy items for a long period of time. The short handle in this bag's design is well-suited to its size, as it will absorb much of the weight and resulting stress on the wearer's shoulders or hands. Made especially with bright fabrics, The Emily Bag is sure to be a hit at the beach and during the sunnier seasons. It is also a great bag to shop with.


Free Brett Musette Bag PDF Pattern

The Brett Musette Bag; a simply designed bag suited for any occasion! Its inside large two zipper pockets and convenient size make this bag a great option for carrying your belongings on a day out! Moreover, this bag is specifically designed to be a great companion to store your things while going on bike rides! Any confident beginner can try this beautiful project and gain more experience for future projects. Looking for a bag that can be held with style and ease? Start the Brett Musette Bag today!


Glady Lunch Bag PDF Pattern

The Gladys Lunch Bag is an easy one-hour project perfectly designed to be tucked in your bag. The compact design can easily hold your basic lunch essentials without the bulkiness. Additionally, you can easily fold the bag up and tuck in storage without taking up too much space. With the punched-out handle on the edge of the bag you can also carry this adorable little lunch bag. A perfect little lunch bag for the minimalists! Start the Gladys Lunch Bag today!


Hailey Bag 2 PDF Patterns

The Hailey Bag is a multi-purpose large bag for all your requirements! Starting from a diaper bag with its roomy pockets to a casual shopping bag, the Hailey Bag was designed to be convenient for all situations. The pattern is perfect for those beginners who are confident in tackling curved edges. Utilizing fabrics with flowers or geometric prints are recommended to help further characterize the bag. Since the lining can be seen from the outside, it is important to match the colors between the exterior & the lining fabric. With this mind, start on the Hailey Bag today to have the perfect bag for all your needs! -


Harley Briefcase PDF Pattern

Harley Laptop Briefcase! A bag that's not short on it's own share of pockets and space! Making the bag as a laptop case is strongly recommended! And since the bag was designed for both genders, it will make a great gift to anyone! A casual bag that's great as a gift for someone else or as a gift for yourself! The Harley Briefcase is the best bag for anyone!


Janice Patchwork Bag PDF Pattern

The Janice Patchwork Bag is a special patchwork bag that uses jellyroll patchworks for its exterior. This bag is great to make when you have leftover scraps of fabric or jellyroll pieces from quilting, and is the perfect piece for those of you who have a hard time choosing a single fabric for your projects. In addition to its dynamic appearance, The Janice Patchwork Bag is practical, with a large interior due to its bottom piece, and an elastic band pocket on the inside. The Janice Patchwork Bag is an excellent pattern for quilters who want smaller, more modern projects and for sewers who want to try their hand at quilting.


Jasmine Bag PDF Pattern

Jasmine Bags are great to carry out. Because they are shoulder bags with long straps, they provide a comfortable way of carrying around important items, and are ideal for both short and long trips. The pleats and darts in this bag’s design not only give it a classic, sophisticated look that will easily match with any outfit: they also make the bag more spacious, creating room to carry around many items at once. Let’s get started on this must-have item at once!


Julie Bag PDF Pattern

This is very easy to carry around on a bicycle. You can out in cell phone to books. It is easily made from all crafters. The patterns included Front/Back, Flap and Gusset Pieces. The Front/Back Pattern has curve on the sides, so the bag looks smooth and unique.


Katy Bag PDF Pattern

The Katy Bag is an efficient every day-use-bag! Due to the many pockets on the inside, the bag can store any little items in a secure & safe fashion. The bag can also be used as a diaper bag, school bag and much more depending on your need! In addition, the Katy Bag can be held on both your hands and shoulders ? allowing you to comfortably carry the bag anywhere! Try this multipurpose bag tod


Kelise Bag PDF Pattern (#3350)

The Kelise Bag is a classic yet unique baguette bag that can perfectly be styled with any of your clothes! This bag features a sturdy and structured design making it perfect as a statement piece when styling it with your outfit . Moreover, the double strap allows you to open the bag widely with no discomfort, making it easier to store and access your belongings comfortably. With the bag’s perfectly petite yet spacious design you can easily store your everyday belongings with no struggle. Start this trendy baguette bag now!


Kelly Bag PDF Pattern

The Kelly Bag is an easy bag that would be suitable for both beginners and advanced sewers. The simplicity of its design makes it a good match with a wide range of outfits, from casual to semiformal. Because the design itself is so clean-cut, it also matches easily with a wide variety of fabrics. If this design is too simple for your taste, a zipper pocket may be added which would give this bag an extra compartment to carry small items in. For all women and moms especially, The Kelly Bag is sure to be a favorite as it's great to use as a diaper or grocery bag: it's both large and comfortable enough to carry around large items such as these, yet stylish enough to want to wear.


Kimberly Bag PDF Pattern

Kimberly Bag PDF Pattern


Len Backpack & Katy Bag PDF Pattern Combo - 10% Off!

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Lina Bag PDF Pattern

The great thing about this bag is that the strap may be adjusted to the desired length, which means that it can be used for a long time, the length changed to fit your child as she grows up. The Lina Bag has darts in its design that maximize its interior space, and makes it excellent for carrying stuffed animals, snacks, and drinks for field trips or a full day spent away from home.


Linda Bag PDF Pattern

Want a lovely bag with a large front pocket? Then yours'll love The Linda Bag! The Linda Bag has a large pleated exterior front pocket with a biased top, which gives it an extra-special look.


Lindsey Bag PDF Pattern

This hand bag's handles are specially designed to fit right into your hand, giving it a more comfortable grasp and making it more convenient for carrying around. Due to its large size, this hand bag is also spacious and has the capacity to hold many items. As a result, it is a great bag to bring along on a full day out. The Lindsey Bag can be used to carry a light sweater or cardigan for the air conditioned indoors, and can also carry a novel for you to enjoy with the gorgeous weather outdoors. Match this adorable bag with shorts or jeans and a bright, sunny day!


Madeline Bag PDF Pattern

The Madeline Bag is a fun and easy-to-make bag that looks amazing with patch-worked fabric. This novel pattern is very simple in style, its round shape giving the bag a laid-back and mellow look that is well-suited for sunny days. This bag matches well with casual attire and would be adorable when worn with canvas shoes in the summ


Marsha Bag PDF Pattern

beginner friendly shoulder bag with its unique dart on the bottom giving it the much needed extra space we all need. Interfacing is an option you can take when constructing this bag, without it the bag will have a more natural shape than with it while the vice versa will keep the bags shape intact no matter what. If the decision is not to use interfacing then it is recommended to use home decor fabric out of all the other type of materials. It does not matter what type of design on the fabric you use, anything from large print to small print can help make the pattern turn out gorgeous. At the end of making the bag the attachment of the ring will add a great glamour to it.


Melanie Bag PDF Pattern

This charismatic bag gets its exclusive look from the attached handle and top panel piece. While most pleated bags attach the handles to the top panel separately, The Melanie Bag’s handle and top panel pieces are already one piece, so there is no extra step of sewing the two together.


Miranda bag PDF Pattern

The Miranda bag is the perfect bag for a casual day out! The small, accessible pockets on the front of the bag provide its user with the best storage and bag carrying experience. Moreover, by adding a leather strap or webbing strap in the front, you can give your bag its own unique finishing touch. For an even more distinctive look, you can use different fabric for the front pockets! Start making this spectacular bag today! Patterns Includes: What you need Describes each step detailed with pictures Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns Zipper pocket instruction provided. Zipper install instruction provided. Letter/A4 paper size pattern both provided. Double cap rivet instruction provided Leather buckle strap instruction provided


Nathan Traveler Pouch PDF Pattern

A multipurpose pouch that can be utilized to suit your travel needs. The Nathan Traveler's Pouch can be used to carry a shaving kit, used as a makeup bag, or can even be used as a personal pencil case. Moreover, by using waterproof fabrics, you can increase this bags durability. A convenient pouch for all ages, this pouch was designed to be the perfect companion to the Charles Duffle Bag! Make the two using the same fabrics & prepare a special gift duo this year. A great project for anyone looking for a fantastically versatile pouch, start the Nathan Traveler's Pouch today!


Nevena Bag PDF Pattern

Who says that sewing has to be ld'outrd', when you can make something as striking as The Nevena Bag? The sharp, partial pleats and deep-set handles are what give this bag an edgy look. You can, but Don't need to, use bright colors for this bag: the design of it alone is unique and stylish enough to be eye-catching. As it is rather slim, this bag would be ideal for carrying thinner items in, such as documents and folders. It is also great for carrying wallets and small essential items. Nevena is suitable for all four seasons, and adds a gorgeous finishing touch to clean and simple outfits, such as a business casual number. Get ready to go out and amaze with this item. Make sewing the new ld'inrd' with The Nevena Bag.


Nora Bag PDF Pattern

esenting the Nora Bag, the project features convenient pockets on the inside! An inclusion of a zipper pocket can allow for a secure storage for important items such as the keys, wallet, or phone. With an easy design to put on the shoulder or as a cross, wear the Nora Bag the way you want when you want! Utilizing stylish plaid patterns with a luxurious lining material will compliment the color harmony the best! Start the Nora Bag tod


Paget Bag PDF Pattern

The Paget bag is a simple yet charming piece perfectly designed as an everyday bag. The front pocket is ideal for your small essentials like phones, earbuds and more! Due to its casual look, it can look stylish in any casual outfits in your wardrobe! By choosing the right fabric and material, this project can be worn by anyone! From women, men, and children alike! Start the Paget bag today!


Pam Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Pam Bag is a practically designed companion to hold almost anything and everything in your bag with security. This project has multiple pockets around the bag, in the bag, some hidden under and in-between which can come in handy for any occasions! This project can be a great bag as school bag or as a travel sack. A bag that is a must need when you want to keep your belongings equally accessible yet safe in a unique fashion. Start the Pam bag now!


Pauline Bag PDF Pattern

The Pauline Bag follows the style of modern bags, providing the carrier with a vast amount of space in which to carry a range of items, from small to bulky. This unique bag has a closure with a panel and snap which can alter the bag's shape! Its spacious opening allows for easy access to your belongings. Thanks to its roomy interior, the bag can store a large amount of your belongings with ease. It can be made using various kinds of materials such as suede or any common cotton fabric. Get two styles with one bag! Outfit yourself with this wonderful & modern piece today!


Peyton Market Bag PDF Pattern - One Plus One!

A large market bag designed to be comfortable & convenient, the Peyton Market Bag features a unique look that can be also used a stylish companion for your outings. Thanks to its roomy insides, the bag can store a large amount of your belongings or even a second bag. Start on the most convenient companion, the Peyton Market Bag today!


Rachel Bag PDF Pattern

The Rachel Bag is a shoulder bag that gets its fun, retro-style look from its top and bottom pleats. Whether it’s in memory of your youth or in order to lead in the returning fashion of the vintage, this cute and slightly dorky looking bag is a lovable piece to have in your bag collection. In keeping with this retro-style, one suggestion when making this bag is that you could use a fabric with a regular pattern rather than an irregular one, as the latter tends to fit into a more modern-day catego


Ralph Backpack PDF Pattern

The Ralph Backpack is a perfect companion for traveling and camping. With its spacious interior and multiple pockets, you can store all your camping essentials in ease. Not only the pockets give space but also you can keep your belongings in organized fashion! The drawstring opening is especially convenient for the heavier packers, and safely secure it with the flap to close the opening. The project is created for men, women, and children alike! Start the Ralph Backpack for the coming summer!


Rayne Bag PDF Pattern



Sadie Baby Satchel Bag 2 PDF Patterns

The Sadie Satchel for Kids can be made and worn easily! The pattern additionally comes with a smaller pattern for your little girl's doll! So simple and adorable, this project can be made by sewers of any level. Simply, the perfect size for the average toddler to preteen, the Sadie Cross Bag is perfect fit for any girl. Start this beautiful project today!>>


Sadie Crossbag PDF Pattern

The Sadie Crossbag is a bag that is easy enough for beginners to make. The special thing about it is that the overall feel of the bag differs depending on how you tie the shoulder strap- long or short. Keeping it as a crossbag with a long strap will give this bag a tomboy feel, whereas tying a ribbon lower down on the straps will give it a cute and feminine feel. The bag is also spacious because of its size and the darts in its design, and is great as a grab-and-go bag on an afternoon trip. The Sadie Crossbag may be made into a slight variation by omitting the flap piece and attaching a magnetic snap for the closing. This alternative will result in an equally pretty bag.


Samuel Laptop Bag PDF Pattern

The Samuel Laptop Bag features a casual and stylish design that is perfect for everyday use! Its spacious pleated front pockets and lining pocket divider make this bag a great option for carrying your belongings on your long school/work day! Moreover, this bag can be held by hand or can be carried on your shoulders, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag anywhere! Don't hesitate and start the Samuel Laptop Bag project now! Patterns Includes: What you need Describes each step detailed with pictures Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns Double cap rivet instruction provided. Snap instruction provided. Zipper pocket divider instruction provided. Zipper install instruction provided. Letter/A4 paper size pattern both provided.


Scarlett Bag PDF Pattern

This bag has most of its focuses on its very unique handle which is a little difficult to assemble so it is recommended for at least intermediate level sewers. To add to the handles are the front and back pleats and the gusset which provides a spacious inside of the bag. It can be used to carry documents or just lots of stuff all together. The key to make the best possible outcome is to have the combination of the front/back fabrics and the handle. As long as the two go well together the bag will turn out to be a beautiful creation!


Sierra Bag PDF Pattern

The Sierra Bag is a perfect kind of bag for a quick getaway. Not only is it fashionable but also stylishly convenient for you to utilize in a daily basis. Make this bag with canvas or coated fabric for a more durable and sturdy outcome. This project is a great companion for travelers with files and documents. This bag has a handle long enough to be stacked and tucked onto your carrier making it perfect as a carry-on bag for your flight. Start this convenient and handy bag!


Winona Tote Bag & Cindy Cross Bag PDF Pattern Combo - 10% Off!

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Original Price: $17.50

Winona Tote Bag & Cindy Cross Bag PDF Pattern Combo

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Winona Tote Bag PDF Pattern

The Winona Tote Bag is a casual every day bag that is durable on the long run. Thanks to its handy extra shoulder strap, you can wear this bag across your body for comfort and versatility. The bag's patched design allows you to be adventurous with the choice of fabric, making it fun for sewers to explore in different materials like, faux leather, cork, paper fabric and more! Moreover, this bag is the ultimate companion for school, office and so much more because of its perfect size, ageless design and convenient straps. Start the Winona Tote Bag today!