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Shoulder Bags

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Tonya Bag PDF Pattern

The Tonya Bag was designed for the person who wants to carry it all! This novel pattern is very simple in style. Its round shape gives the bag a laid-back and mellow look that is well-suited for any occasion. Utilizing fabrics with flowers or geometric prints are recommended to help further characterize this bag. This bag is a perfect project that is a great personal addition to your collection and a beautiful gift. A light-weighted bag that can be worn all day, this bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Its size allows for excellent storage capacity, leaving room for your basic needs. Start on the Tonya Bag today and have the perfect bag for all your needs!


Everly Bag PDF Pattern

The Everly Bag is a petite figured purse perfect for a short day out. Its perfect proportions allow for easy transitions from casual to formal wear. Make this stylish bag with suede or cotton and still end up with a fantastic result! A light weighted bag, designed to be comfortable all day long, outfit yourself with this cute and elegant bag today!


Daisha Bag PDF Pattern

The Daisha Bag is a uniquely pleated bag, perfect for the summer season! It's a perfectly sized bag that can be held with style and without effort. With the right choice of material, this bag can be either formal or casual. Great for holding makeup, books, and more, the Daisha bag boasts style and practicality. Start this elegant bag today!


Freddie Bag PDF Pattern

The Freddie Market Bag is a market bag designed to be comfortable & convenient. It features a unique look that can be also used as a stylish companion for your day out to the market. Thanks to its roomy interior, the bag can store a large amount of your belongings or even a second bag. By folding the bag and tucking it away when not in use, you can maximize this bags convenience and store it for future use. The Freddie Market Bag is the absolute best bag for you when you hit the market!


Sara Bag PDF Pattern

The Sara Bag is a shoulder bag with a simple yet graceful design. While the bag's shape is long overall, it has a large body that can carry many items. The great thing about The Sara Bag is that it is reversible; if you tire of one look, you can always flip it inside out and experience a whole new one. So it is a good idea when selecting your fabrics to coordinate the colors. This bag is ideal as a diaper bag or as a light picnic bag. In fact, it is good for any kind of short excursion such as a trip to the library or to the zoo. Add this lovely flowing bag to your bag collection. Let's start making it now! ra' PDF


Coconut Grove Purse PDF Pattern

Make a splash with a completely unique purse! This listing is for one PDF e-pattern and instructions to create the Coconut Grove Womens' Purse. Instructions are detailed, tutorial-style and contain full-color photos. The purse features a center pleat, flirty knotted tie shoulder strap and pom pom fringe. A magnetic snap closure secures the bag shut. The purse is fully lined and includes two pockets with spaces for two pens. With the exception of mass production, you may sell the finished bags you create from my pattern. Please note the purse pattern is designed by Hold it Right There Bags in the item description. The Coconut Grove pattern and instructions may only be purchased from me. Distribution of pattern and/or instructions is prohibited. If at any time, you have questions while making the bag, please email me, and I will gladly be of assistance. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot make refunds or accept returns.BACKGROUND STORY: The Coconut Grove purse recalls a joyful time with my family. We traveled from our deciduous midwestern domicile to Miami for my brother's wedding at a tropical botanical garden. There, the sun ignited the colors of everything it struck. Leaves gleamed glossy, deep green. Shadows stood cool, and dark beside flamboyant pinks and oranges. It is this riot of color and light that inspires this bag design, as well as the fun I had in Miami. I delighted in visiting my treasured family and reconnecting with old friends. This trip also took my children for their first swims in the ocean. My oldest son brought home a natural sponge he found on the beach. My daughter delighted in a coconut she picked off the sand. I like to think this is a bag to fill with Love and Joy and Wonder.


Adriana Boston Bag PDF Pattern

The Adriana Boston Bag is a perfectly sized bag that can be used anytime and anywhere just by choosing the right fabrics. And thanks to it practical size, it can best be used as a diaper bag for mothers, or mothers to be. But that doesn't mean it canrs't be used elsewhere. Quite the opposite! The bag will make the best companion for your outings with its ls'not too big yet not too smallrs' fit! Whether the bag is made with leather, suede or cotton, it will still end up with a fantastic result. And by adding a tassel or two you can make this bag an eye-catching piece that will be sure to add style to your wardrobe. Outfit yourself with this cute & fresh project today!


Chic Hobo Bag PDF Pattern

A well fit bag that goes on luxuriously, with an elegant curve that is just the right size for the arms. Also could be used for formal events


Rayne Bag PDF Pattern



Sadie Crossbag PDF Pattern

The Sadie Crossbag is a bag that is easy enough for beginners to make. The special thing about it is that the overall feel of the bag differs depending on how you tie the shoulder strap- long or short. Keeping it as a crossbag with a long strap will give this bag a tomboy feel, whereas tying a ribbon lower down on the straps will give it a cute and feminine feel. The bag is also spacious because of its size and the darts in its design, and is great as a grab-and-go bag on an afternoon trip. The Sadie Crossbag may be made into a slight variation by omitting the flap piece and attaching a magnetic snap for the closing. This alternative will result in an equally pretty bag.


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Fabio Travel Bag PDF Pattern
Marika 2 Compartments Bag PDF Pattern

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