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Peggy Girl Kimono PDF Pattern

Peggy Kimono-Style girl shoes is a new design of girl booties, named for the shoe front’s overlapping fold that resembles a kimono, the traditional Japanese style of dress. Due to the lack of a strap it is quite simple to make and is very accessible to beginners of all level. The pattern includes all sizes for girls, starting from U.S size 51/2 – 13 and 1-4. A good way to show mother-daughter bonding is by wearing a matching Kimono-Style shoes as well! The Woman’s Kimono shoes is also available at IThinkSew~


Kasey Girl's Mary Jane PDF Pattern - 13 sizes

The ultimate all-size pattern package! There are a total of 13 different sizes for the pattern. Kasey Mary Janes offers two variations of the same design. One is traditional Mary Janes-style shoes; the other is Mary Janes-style slip-on shoes with a frilled elastic strap. The slip-on version of these shoes is especially comfortable as the elastic strap stretches to fit your children's feet, saving you the trouble of buckling and unbuckling the shoes.


Anabelle Girl`s Sandal PDF Pattern

These pretty little sandals with a slip-on back strap are a must-have item for your daughter this coming summer. Anabelle Girl's Sandals are adorable sandals that are perfect for indoor or deck wear. Its open toe and heel design allow for air circulation to cool off your child's feet on a hot sunny day. This sandal matches well with both dresses and pants, and can have a different feel to it depending on the fabric you choose. A vibrant colored and patterned fabric will result in a cute pair of shoes, whereas solid shades of fabric will produce a calmer, more classy look. Dress your daughter in Anabelle Girl's Sandals this summer!


Cassie Girl's Mary Janes PDF Pattern

Cassie Girl's Mary Janes are girl's room shoes in the style of the classic Mary Jane shoes. Its simple design with a button decoration and centered strap realistically mimic the look of real, traditional patent-leather Mary Janes. For those of your daughter who like to stay stylish at home, these room shoes are the perfect footwear: they allow you to wear shoes that complement your outfit while keeping your house clean and allowing you to maintain your comfort throughout the day. Cassie Women's Mary Janes have a classy feel to them regardless of the choice of fabric and as a result, go well with almost any outfit. For a comfortable way to complete your outfit indoors, make Cassie Women's Mary Janes.


Dani Kid's Slipper PDf Pattern

Dani Kid's Slippers are the miniature version of Candice Women's Slippers. While Candice Women's Slippers are designed for women, the smaller version is suitable for both girls and boys. Dani Kid's Slippers are as easy as sewing patterns get and are highly recommended for novice sewers. These slippers are very useful, suitable for indoor wear during all four seasons and especially for those whose homes have non-carpet floors. Dani Slippers are a great item to give as a handmade present, taking only a few hours to make; they are even better when given as a matching mother-child set. With just a bit of creativity, many different-looking slippers can be made from this single slipper pattern. In order to give them an extra-special touch, try customizing them with a sewing label. Start making this neat indoor slipper now. You'll be finished before you know it!