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MOCOZI ISSUE #001 MSPZ 1 (Bag, Metal Clutch and Women Shoes)

Original Price: $8.25 + $6.25 + $5.00 = $19.50
This MOCOZI collection will come with a bag, metal clutch, and shoe pattern plus additional content! User your favorite e-book reader such as the iPad, Kindle, Phone, or other devices to read the book. The booklet consists of 3 patterns and less than 40 pages. It has been stylishly edited to match the modern sense with additional cost-effectiveness of the bundled patterns. The booklet will include a modern sewing design, instructions, patterns, tips and, interviews. MOCOZI is always open to you!

$24.69 $15.13

Annalise Metal Clutch Bag PDF Pattern

This voluminous clutch bag gets its spacious inside from the side and bottom piece in its design. Although The Annalise Metal Clutch Bag may seem complicated to make due to its luxurious look, it is actually quite easy. This clutch bag is suitable for both night and day wear, and may be made more appropriate for a specific purpose through careful fabric consideration and selection. If you want to wear it across your shoulder, you may add a strap to this clutch bag as well. For the sample bag, I used a leather shoulder strap and connected it to the metal frame's loopholes using 2 O-rings. Annalise is the perfect size to carry your camera and wallet on a casual dinner date, and is great for accessorizing with dresses for fancy events as well.


Myrtle Metal Frame Bag PDF Pattern (#3300)

The Myrtle Metal Frame Bag is a classic little metal purse designed to be held as a casual everyday bag. With the very handy pockets on the front and back side of the bag you can store your frequently used small items in there! The purse's perfect size lets you carry around as your everyday bag. Additionally, the spacious interior allows you to carry all of your daily essentials without it getting too stuffy. A classic metal frame purse. Start the Myrtle Frame Bag today!


Rosaline Metal Purse PDF Pattern

The Rosaline Metal Purse is a luxurious hand-made purse suitable for both night and day wear. It matches well with semi-casual wear, such as jeans, heels, and a dressy top.


Della 8" Metal Clutch BAG PDF Pattern

An ideal project for anyone looking for a casual everyday bag, due to its minimalistic design. The unique exterior offers a sophisticated look that will easily match with any outfits. The purse can used as a mini purse on your day out or simply as an organizing pouch. By adding a chain to the ring provided on the metal frame, you can carry the bag on your shoulder! Don't miss out and start the Della Metal Purse.


Cynthia Bag PDF Pattern

The Cynthia Bag is a classic yet unique saddle bag that can be casually carried every day. A light weighted bag that can be held all day, this bag was designed for comfort! This project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. This fashionable piece is not only a charming bag, but a convenient companion as well. Due to its perfect size and design, it is great from short outings to long trips and traveling. It never goes out of style! Don't hesitate and start the Cynthia Bag today!


Eula 8" Metal Clutch PDF Pattern

The Eula Metal purse is a simple and elegant purse specially designed for formal and special occasions. The purse can used as a mini purse on your day out or simply an organizing pouch. By adding a chain to the ring provided on the metal frame, you can carry the bag on your shoulder! Don't miss out and start the Eula Metal Purse today!


Susie 5" Metal Clutch PDF Pattern

The Susie Metal Purse is a totally recommended to first time sewers due to its simple and easy steps. With the steps being simple you can totally make this in an hour, or even faster! The pouch can be used as a perfect organizer for your bigger everyday bag. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility with different types of fabrics, you'll be using this pattern to experiment with multiple outcomes to come! Store your makeup, keys, cards, and more! Start the Susie Metal Purse today!


Ardice Coin Purse PDF Pattern

No one likes having to dig out change from their pocket, and dropping coins in a busy place can be plain embarrassing at times. So why not save yourself that trouble and make yourself a coin purse? The Ardice Coin Purse is super easy to make, requiring little fabric and little time.


Madelyn Metal Purse PDF Pattern

The lovely Madelyn Metal Purse is the perfect project for beginner level sewers to try. It also takes little time to make, and because the metal frame is already on the purse, it's great to use quickly. This purse is a little bit bigger than Andrea coin case, so the Madelyn Purse can hold more than it .The pattern makes of this purse widens near the top, making it extra spacious for valid items. The purse can fit important items, such as cell phones and small camera's. The exterior is pleated on the front of the metal purse. The side and bottom of the pattern is a curved line, which makes the purse very elegant .Keep some miscellaneous items in this Madelyn Metal Purse - it'll be convenient to grab-and-go for spontaneous trips!


Tammy Coin Purse PDF Pattern

Finished Size: 3 frac14;rd' width x 3 frac12;rd' height x 2rd' depthFrame size: 3 1/4" width x 1 3/4" height round metal frameThe Tammy Coin Purse is an easy-to-make item that is a must-try for beginner level sewers. The coin purse gets its sophisticated look from the luxurious metal frame that is used for its closure. This frame also gives this handmade coin purse a professional finish that makes it perfect for gift-giving. And it only requires a small amount of fabric! The Tammy Coin Purse has a side piece in its pattern as well, which maximizes the interior volume and lets the carrier hold more items. Want a quick and easy project with an amazing result? Get started on The Tammy Coin Purse!


Alina Metal Clutch PDF Pattern

The Alina Metal Clutch is a simple, but pretty clutch that is ideal for carrying around your small essentials, such as cell phone, keys, and makeup. When complemented by a bright colored fabric, its pleated front gives it an especially loose, flowy feel that evokes the laid-back atmosphere of the summer season. Perfect for housing your sunglasses, this clutch is a great grab-and-go item when going out on a day trip or with friends. Add it to your must-have list this summer! Designer’s Review


Sydney Ruffled Clutch PDF Pattern

The decorative ruffles make this a special and particularly gorgeous metal clutch suitable for parties and formal events. The Sydney Ruffled Clutch is a suitable pattern for beginners who would like to make a fancy clutch for many different purposes. Making the ruffles may be time consuming but it is definitely something beginners can sew. Going to a wedding? Then make matching clutches for all the bridesmaids! The clutch can be made with regular fabric just as seen in the sample or another good idea is utilizing a solid fabric with a silk feeling.


Ava Coin PursePDF Pattern

The Ava Coin Purse combines cute with classy in this simple coin purse design. Using a single pattern, this purse takes less than an hour to make, and is a great project for beginner level sewers to try. The luxurious metal clasp used as the closure ensures thatno coins will slip out of your purse, regardless of how you toss it around. TheAva Coin Purse is great for those of you who prefer to travel lightly, or forshort trips that require no more than your keys and some change. You can evenuse it as a substitute wallet to hold some bills and cards. Try leaving behindunnecessary items. Lighten your load with The Ava Coin Purse.


Jeanie Coin Purse PDF Pattern

The adorable Jeanie Coin Purse is an easy-to-make item that is a must-try for beginner level sewers. The shiny metallic frame gives this coin purse a professional store-bought feel, which will surprise your friends once you tell them that it's actually handmade! If the metal frame of your Jeanie Coin Purse has a small side loop, such as the one used in my sample, you may even choose to add an optional key-ring to the purse. This addition will allow you to keep your keys and coin purse, two essential items, together, so they are always ready for you to grab-and-go.


Jenna Metal Clutch PDF Pattern

Can you believe that rhe Jenna Metal Clutch is made from just one pattern? it's true. This clutch gets its sophisticated look from the balance between its simple design and luxurious-looking metal frame; the process of making the clutch itself is not that complicated at all. This clutch is suitable for both night and day wear,and is great when carried with a pair of jeans and dressy top. It is the perfectsize to hold your camera and wallet, and is also ideal for use as a makeup bag. Bring this classy piece out on a dinner date with friends. Show off your Jenna Clutch.


Edna Metal Clutch PDF Pattern

The Edna Metal Clutch is a simple design that can be held perfectly for formal meetings or parties. The clutch can basically store all the items you need such as your phone, wallet, a small makeup pouch and etc. The clutch is a great project for beginners with no trouble! Start the Edna Metal Clutch today!

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