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Stacy Back Pack PDF Pattern ONLY

This product is a pattern only, as such it does not include a written instruction. 253 Katie Boston Bag PDF Pattern includes a similar instruction that may assist with the pattern making process. DIMENSIONS (Approx.): 10" width x 15" height x 2 3/4" depth»


Petra Backpack PDF Pattern

The Petra Backpack is casual everyday medium sized backpack perfect for the backpack lovers. The flap and buckle bring an extra classiness to the simple yet adorable pack. With the perfectly designed size and conveniently shaped structure allows you to carry a bit more than your everyday basic needs. You can easily carry a few books and notes along with your daily essentials. Start this classic backpack today! The Petra Backpack!


Loren Bucket Backpack PDF Pattern

The Loren Bucket Backpack; It is a fantastically trendy bag designed for any season! A perfect project for anyone looking for a large and unique bag. A drawstring is added to the top opening of the bag, giving it a very cute pleat and easy access to the items inside. Additionally, you can learn how to make a back zipper, and access your belongings with ease. A stylish, yet handy bag to add to your collection, its size allows for excellent storage capacity, leaving room for your basic needs. A perfect companion for any season, for any reason, outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish and sophisticated bag today!


MOCOZI ISSUE #004 MSPZ 4 (Bag, Backpack & Phone Pouch)

Original Price: $8.50 + $8.25 + $6.25 = $23.00
This MOCOZI collection will come with a Boston bag, Bucket Backpack, and Smart Phone pouch! User your favorite e-book reader such as the iPad, Kindle, Phone, or other devices to read the book. The booklet consists of 3 patterns and around 50 pages. It has been stylishly edited to match the modern sense with additional cost-effectiveness of the bundled patterns. The booklet will include a modern sewing design, instructions, patterns, tips and, interviews. MOCOZI is always open to you!

$29.38 $15.27

Cali Foldover Backpack PDF Pattern

The Cali Backpack is a charming backpack suitable for anyone! Due to its unique handle design, the bag can not only be held as a Backpack but also as a shoulder bag. You can make this bag with leather, suede or cotton and still end up with a great result. A stylish, yet handy bag to add to your collection! This bag ranges from beginner to intermediate sewing levels. A light weighted bag that can be worn all day, this bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Its size allows for excellent storage capacity, leaving room for your basic needs. A casual bag that is both a great gift and a practical one to keep, start the Cali Backpack today!


Brendan Backpack PDF Pattern

The Brendan Backpack is a simple beginner friendly project for school, work, or simply daily uses. The project is created for men, women, and children alike! Due to its pocket space, you can easily pack the bag with all your school essentials in ease. Not only the pockets give space but also you can keep your belongings in organized fashion! The bag not only can be used as a school bag but also a great companion as a diaper bag. A wonderful project for anyone looking for a fantastically convenient yet stylish bag, start the Brendan Backpack now!


Beckett Back Pack PDF Pattern

The Beckett Camping Back Pack a large bag specially designed for the summer! The bag includes a large pocket & a spacious interior to store belongings for either a day out or a trip lasting a few days. A charming backpack suitable for confident beginners or just a great project for anyone who is looking for a large, convenient, and trendy bag! The Becket Back Pack is the perfect project for you!


Ruby Bag PDF Pattern

A special pleated rolling bag, behold the Ruby Bag! Because of the pleats on the design, the bag turns out to have a natural. Unlike regular rolling bags, the handle straps were put on pairs to each ends of the bag allowing for a very unique way of holding it. There are two ways to carry the bag, one is just like a regular shoulder bag or like a bag pack utilizing the two different handles! The sewing level that is recommended for this bag is intermediate, mainly because of the zippers. A recommended use would be when on holidays or vacations, the bag will fit everything with ease and comfort. Everything small yet important will be able to go inside starting from your passport to the wallet. Try out the Ruby Bag for a new and unique way!

Min: $3.00 Max: $22.00
$3 $22