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Donna Backpack PDF Pattern

The Donna Backpack; a simply designed bag suited for any occasion! With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries making it perfect for work or school! A charming backpack suitable for confident beginners or simply a great project for anyone looking for a large, convenient, and trendy bag; start the Donna Backpack today!


Stacy Back Pack PDF Pattern ONLY

This product is a pattern only, as such it does not include a written instruction. 253 Katie Boston Bag PDF Pattern includes a similar instruction that may assist with the pattern making process. DIMENSIONS (Approx.): 10" width x 15" height x 2 3/4" depth»


Edan Toddler Backpack PDF Pattern

The perfect backpack for a child's day out! The Edan Toddler Backpack can be used by both boys and girls. An elastic band is added to top opening of the bag, giving it a very cute pleat and easy access to the items inside. The black buckle that was used for the sample can be easily bought at fabric and craft stores; sometimes even at at the dollar store! In addition, the buckle can also be found on old bags that aren't used anymore, so there will be no need to hunt for extra material! The assembling of the bag is slightly complicated, however, the bag is a good project for beginners!


Ruby Bag PDF Pattern

A special pleated rolling bag, behold the Ruby Bag! Because of the pleats on the design, the bag turns out to have a natural. Unlike regular rolling bags, the handle straps were put on pairs to each ends of the bag allowing for a very unique way of holding it. There are two ways to carry the bag, one is just like a regular shoulder bag or like a bag pack utilizing the two different handles! The sewing level that is recommended for this bag is intermediate, mainly because of the zippers. A recommended use would be when on holidays or vacations, the bag will fit everything with ease and comfort. Everything small yet important will be able to go inside starting from your passport to the wallet. Try out the Ruby Bag for a new and unique way!


Teagan Backpack & Lynn Bag PDF Pattern Combo (#3314) - 10% Off

Original Price: $18.00
Teagan Backpack PDF Pattern
Lynn Bag PDF Pattern

$22.62 $20.36

Teagan Backpack PDF Pattern (#3313)

The Teagan Backpack is a versatile and durable laptop bag, that can be a great companion in offices, schools and alike. This project is created for men, women, and children alike! Its size is ideal for laptops, books and more. Thanks to its numerous pockets, the backpack touts a respectable amount of storage options for small belongings. When making it with leather you can easily style it with your everyday clothes. This bag is recommended for the everyday-backpack carriers, who simply love to take their medium sized backpack everywhere. Start the teagan backpack.


Otis Sling Bag & Louise Fold Over Tablet Bag Combo PDF Pattern - 40% Off!

Original Price: $18.00
Otis Sling Bag with Phone Pocket on Strap PDF Pattern
Louise Fold Over Tablet Bag PDF Pattern

$23.25 $13.95
Min: $3.00 Max: $21.00
$3 $21