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Hats & Headwear

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Abigail Baby Bonnet PDF Pattern

The Abigail Baby Bonnet is a pretty bonnet that is appropriate for wear during the spring, summer, and fall months. This bonnet is designed to protect your baby's sensitive eyes and face from the strong rays of the sun; regardless of wind of movement, the bonnet's head strap ensures that the bonnet will stay on your child's head. Because of this, it is ideal for day-long outdoor trips like a picnic or a trip to the zoo. Enjoy the outdoor while protecting your child from the sun with this Abigail Baby Bonnet.


Avery Visor PDF Pattern

Baby Head Circumference 17" S 17 1/2" M 18" L 19" XL


(3M-24M) Veronica Hat PDF Pattern

The Veronica Hat is an easy sewing project that will get lots of use! Made in less than an hour with little fabric, it makes an excellent present for your own kids as well as for the children of relatives and friends. The wide brim of the hat keeps the heads of your little ones cool and ensures that your children get the protection they need while playing outside in the sun. The Veronica hat makes for a fashionable finish to any outfit, and goes well with a wide range of styles.


Charlotte Dress & Veronica Hat Combo PDF Pattern - 10% Off!

Original Price: $16.00
Charlotte Dress for Baby PDF Pattern
Veronica Hat PDF Pattern

$20.34 $18.30

Casey Baby Apron& Bandana PDF Pattern

The Casey Baby Apron is a cute and lovable baby apron with a unique design: while most aprons are roughly rectangular in shape with straight sides, this apron is semicircular with a rounded side and bottom. This gives it its playful look that makes it appropriate as a baby item. The Casey Baby Bandana is useful for keeping the hair out of your baby's face when cooking or baking. When worn together, the set creates a proper ld'cook lookrd' that your baby will love. Make your little kitchen assistant this perfect gift set and have a fun mother-child cooking session!



(3M-24M) Deliah Pixie Hat PDF Pattern

Ever imagined pixie hat for babies? Well the Delilah Pixie Hat is just that! A pattern designed just for beginners; it is approachable by all kinds of beginners! To have the best possible outcome of the Dalilah Pixie Hat, it is the best to first choose the exterior and lining. With the exterior and lining decided, consider the color of the bias since it can make a very eye-catching hat. Adding a corsage to the hat for the girls will also spice up the finished project. This piece is an adorable and fun hat that your little one can wear! Make this pixie hat for your little pixies!


Rabbit Hat PDF Pattern

How about a handmade gift made by mom or How about a handmade gift made by mom or grandma? The Rabbit Hat is an adorable winter-hat for younger children. Depending on the chosen color combination, the hat can be worn by both boys & girls! The lining used is faux fur gives a warm & cosy feeling. Furthermore, the pattern is accessible to all levels of sewers so I suggest everyone prepare some for the upcoming Holiday season! Albeit Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas the Rabbit Hat is sure to be a favorite!


FREE - Addison Baby Hat & Muffler PDF Pattern

Keep your baby warm during the colder seasons with The Addison Baby Hat and Muffler! The Addison Baby Hat and Muffler may be made one without the others; together, however, they make an excellent 3-piece gift set for expecting parents or parents with new babies.



FREE - Vida Muffler PDF Pattern

It’s easy, fun, and warm – the VIDA Muffler! The pattern is very beginner friendly and the whole thing can be easily done in an hour. Many aspects of making the pattern is similar to that of the baby bib. Such as the sample that was done, it is possible to use faux fur for something warm or fleece is another option since it is easier to handle. Although the design is quite simple, the corsage adds a hint of elegance to the muffler and for the baby!



Bonnie Baby Bonnet PDF Pattern

The Bonnie Baby Bonnet is a cute little bonnet that is designed to shade your baby's sensitive eyes and face from the strong rays of the sun. Enjoy the outdoors while protecting your child from the sun- just make this easy Bonnie Baby Bonnet! Because the bonnet has a tie, it will stay on your child's head regardless of any movement or wind: thus it is ideal for day-long outdoor trips like a picnic or a trip to the zoo. The Bonnie Baby Bonnet matches especially well with dresses, and is the most effective when worn during the spring, summer, and fall months.