Large Shoulder Bag vs. Mini Card Wallet Cross Bag, 40% OFF! Both Perfect for the Winter/Spring Look

Most bag designs with their choice of materials are based on the time of the season. For example, autumn designs are often associated with suede or darker colored fabrics while spring matches well with something brighter. The patterns released today are perfect with linen or suede but at the same time match well with the spring/summer colors as well. Check out the samples as both patterns were made to fit with all 4 seasonal colors! 

The Eileen Bag is a great companion for the office. Not only that, the design can feature as a semi-casual to casual look for everyday uses. The shoulder bag design was produced to feature an additional feel of depth to the bag when holding it.

A small wallet that is perfect just for your cards - credit cards, gift cards, membership cards, and more! The zipper divider within the pocket can also act as a perfect organizer to keep your phone & other possessions separate. 

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This Week's Highlights

  • The Karine Wallet Bag, is multipurpose and convenient bag, perfectly designed for the light packers. Including steps for card slots and inner zipper pockets for coins. Conveniently pack your...

  • The Eileen Bag is a comfortable shoulder bag designed to fit your shoulders in a slim and sleek fashion. With a unique and stylish side design yet simple and classic look that never goes out of style.

  • The Angelina Dress is an adorable spring summer dress that can be easily made and worn in an everyday occasion. Due to its simple figure and bold sleeves, this can be a great statement piece for the..

  • Made with a single jersey knit fabric, the Logan Raglan T-shirt is a unisex shirt with multiple purposes! An important factor to keep in mind when making Raglan T-shirts is the color combination of the front...

  • The Myla Backpack is a simple, stylish and practical piece that can be carried with ease. With a convenient front zipper pocket, you can easily reach and access your frequently used belongings like...

  • This combo comes with the Kitty Cat & Fish Dolls and the Cuddly Bear & Fish Doll PDF Pattern.

  • The Cuddly Bear Dolls is an adorable companion inspired by the Kitty Cat Dolls. With long arms and legs, the child can have a perfect huggable friend. Including a small baby bear doll and a...

  • The Kitty Cat Doll! A lovely cuddly doll with long arms and legs perfect as a huggable friend. Including a kitty doll and an adorable fish, you can infinitely make friends for the Cat!

  • The Lucy Baby Doll & Clothes Set includes dress, raglan dress, bloomers, coat, and a bag with the Lucy Doll pattern itself. The basic set that is included is the perfect as a starting point!

Recent Releases

  • Made with a single jersey knit fabric, the Logan Raglan T-shirt is a unisex shirt with multiple purposes! An important factor to keep in mind when mak...

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