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The iThinkSew Summer Contest is available to all members during the event period! You can make your favorite iThinkSew patterns and upload to the contest for a chance to win the grand prize. With 5 categories, you can enter any or all of these categories for a chance to win!

The 5 categories are Women’s Apparel, Baby Apparel, Bags, Dolls, and Shoes. For each category, the top 3 postings will be rewarded at the end of the iThinkSew Summer Contest. Each entry will be available for public voting and the post with the greatest number of votes will win the grand prize!

The first-place price will be given 100,000 Button Points! 2nd and 3rd will also be given out after the end of the period. The detailed list of rewards can be seen below.

• First: 100,000 Buttons
• Second: 50,000 Buttons
• Third: 20,000 Buttons

All participants will also receive 5,000 Buttons as a Thank You from us. Not only that, but you can also earn Buttons for voting on other entries posted by other users. Do not miss out on this great chance to get easy Buttons for all users!

The Summer Contest take submissions between July 23, 2020 – August 29, 2020. Voting will commence starting from September 1 to 15. Prepare your best projects and make sure to share them on iThinkSew!

All submitted items will be moved to and show up under "Share Your Project" after the duration of the event.
iThinksew Events
• One vote per category per person.
• One entry per category per person. You can only upload one entry for each category.
• Only projects made with iThinkSew patterns are allowed.
• All projects must be made by the user who uploads it.
Button Distribution
• Participation Buttons : 5,000 Buttons
• Voting Buttons : 500 Buttons
• First Place Button Rewards : 100,000 Buttons
• Second Place Button Rewards : 50,000 Buttons
• Third Place Button Rewards: 20,000 Buttons