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Sue Kim

Sue shares her patterns and creativity on her popular website, She started sewing when she was ten years old and has always had a passion for crafts. She earned a master’s degree in ancient Asian theater. However, she kept sewing and designing as a hobby until, luckily, she was asked to be a sewing instructor at a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store. That expanded into requests to teach in several quilt shops. The quilt shop owners also encouraged her to start her own pattern business. Read More

Angela Yosten

First and foremost, I am a mother of three beautiful children and I have a wonderful husband that I have been married to since 1999. I am very blessed to have a supportive husband and amazing children that support my obsession to design and encourage everything that I aspire to do.Read More

Sarah Crawford

I am a lawyer who has worked in private firms and for a local electricity company. I had my baby girl 10 weeks after my business partner, Suki. We discovered that we shared a love for sewing, design, being creative, and beautiful materials. Evie and Essie are our little girls and the reason we got together creatively in the first place - naturally, we named this endeavor for them! Greetings for the iThinkSew users: We love making and designing clothes that are rewarding to make and wear. We hope that you are inspired by our designs! Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Read More

Alyce Blyth

My little family and I are living it up in Japan for 3 years while my husband has a job here. So I’m looking after our kidlets, teaching a little English and enjoying the quilting time that our quieter lifestyle now allows! In between eating sushi, fabric shopping and going for bike rides that is.Read More

Kate Henderson

I learnt to sew as a teenager and started making clothes as I liked the idea of wearing things that were unique. After my twins were born I started sewing clothes for them and then I started sewing toys for them. Not long after I was asked to design some toys for books and magazines. I love trying new things so it wasn’t long before I was designing and making quilts as well. I am a mother of four girls and they love to help choose colours and fabrics and test out my new toy and quilt designs.Read More

Shelly Down

My life is lived to the fullest! I cram as much as I can into a day, and often find that there's still not enough time to do all the things I love doing! I'm a work-at-home mom of two teenage boys and wife to a dear, patient, loving man who puts up with all my fabrics, dolls, bears and other oddities which are slowly taking up every inch of our very tiny apartment!Read More

Surayya Shiraz

I am a designer and a seamstress with years of experience under my belt. I currently reside in India and have done a lot of globe trotting with my retailer husband . Working as a purchase manager and a designer in my husband’s apparel store has given me a lot of exposure into the world of apparel design. In addition to my job, I enjoyed designing and sewing for my two girls right from their babyhood. From the diaper covers and nap mats they used then to the tunics and pants thy wear now have been designed completely by me. Whatever I design today are the patterns I envisaged for my girls and are a pure reflection of my creativity. I love to design cloths that are easy and quick to work up and I share my designs, ideas and projects through my blog, blissfulsewing.blogspot.comRead More

Suzanna McKeon

NAME: Suzanna McKeon INTRODUCTION: I think working with my hands is something I was born to do. I grew up in a very creative environment. During my childhood, my engineer father built his own airplane in the basement of our house. And, then, when it got too big, he built a hangar in the backyard to house it. My artist mom spent her spare time writing poetry, painting, sketching my five siblings and me, and sewing. While I learned to sew clothing as a seventh grader in Home Economics class, I am sure I would have given up had my mom not encouraged me. She helped me when I was completely frustrated with a sewing project, and taught me many tricks and tips, especially in fabric layout. (She is meticulous in matching prints; all her plaids chevron perfectly!) I felt thrilled to wear clothes I sewed, and my mom generously shared her sewing machine, her knowledge and mostly, her patience, with me. Years later, as a new teacher in Northern Virginia, hearing about a winter storm that could (and did!) close school for a week, I hurriedly bought a sewing machine to cope with the prospect of being home bound. Drinking far too much coffee, I sewed into the wee hours while the snow piled up outside. Stores sold out of shovels; skirts accumulated in my apartment. Several years ago, I signed up for a reupholstery class at a local community college. Sitting behind an old, black tailoring machine, learning to sew welting, I remembered how much I LOVE this craft. I pulled my own sewing machine out of my closet and began sewing again. I started making purses, pillows and diaper bags as gifts. Soon, I began selling my creations, working out of a large plastic box I pulled out in my dining room between meals. Later, with a burgeoning sketchbook of ideas and heaps of beautiful fabric, I began designing electronic sewing patterns and staked claim to sewing studio in the corner of my basement. Most afternoons find me there! When I am not sewing, I love going on outings with my husband, three children and our dog, Barnes. I also love to cook, journal and read. LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri GREETINGS: This is an amazing time to sew! With myriad online tutorials and near-infinite access to textiles, determination is all that’s needed (…plus a bit of free time and a tuned-up sewing machine!) Technology enhances an age-old art, for both experienced and novice seamstresses. Heirlooms are taking shape from something as ephemeral as the Internet. Textures and originality grace homes, clothing and accessories in new beautiful ways. I am thrilled to have this forum share my love of sewing and design with others around the globe. Read More

Melissa Stramel

Hi there. I'm Melissa Stramel, a country girl who loves to sew! My special mission is that each person who wants to sew should get to and to that end, I teach sewing to girls. My patterns have a vintage feel with girly flair. I also love adding special details to patterns! I hope you enjoy them!Read More

Rose Beck

I am a multi-crafter who likes to sew, quilt, knit, and crochet. I pretty much like anything related to fabric or fiber! I design both sewing and knitting patterns and love to explore color, form, and texture in my designs. You can follow my crafting adventures on my website at, on Facebook at, or on Instagram #roseisarosetoo.Read More

Veronica Yang

Most people would start off by introducing as to when they started sewing, but the thing is - I don't know! I've always had a passion for art in general, and sewing was just an activity that I grew up with as second nature. It may have helped to have a mother who was working in the field & a strong love for the art. As such, using my spare time to draw & design my own creation was something I found myself doing very often. From celebrity dresses, to simple tops, my art book was always full of creations that I would one day dream of designing. And to see something of my own up on the public for everyone to see is just amazing! I hope to keep doing this with the same love & care that I’ve seen my mother do for all these years. Read More