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22 Melanie Bag PDF Pattern


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Finished Size:
23” width x 19 ½” height

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Pattern Details

  • This charismatic bag gets its exclusive look from the attached handle and top panel piece. While most pleated bags attach the handles to the top panel separately, The Melanie Bag’s handle and top panel pieces are already one piece, so there is no extra step of sewing the two together.

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  • To complete the handle assembly, you simply have to sew on the unattached end of the handle to the panel. Beginner-level sewers may have difficulty with sewing the handles for this bag; however, the rest of the bag is quite simple and should be no problem to make. The focal point for this bag is the large button, so it is important to keep the coordination of the button and fabric in mind when choosing the materials for it. If you are not a button person, you may replace the button with a bead. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on making the one-of-a-kind Melanie Bag!      Designer’s Review

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